Purchase a registration key (All platforms and versions)

A registration key file (reg.cav) will be sent to your Paypal email address.
Whether you are using Windows or Mac the key file will unlock any Kintraks products allowing you to add unlimited records.

Kintraks (Windows / Mac ) - Download and install

Three easy steps:
1. Make a secure online payment through the Paypal button below (accepts most credit cards).
2. Download the Free version (Mac or Windows) from the Downloads page and start using the program.
    Note that the Free version is limited to 200 records.
3. You will be emailed a personal registration key within 12 hours to remove the program restrictions converting your free version
    to the full program.
    All existing data will be retained.

Full version download 20.00 USD
( Approximately 28.92 AUD  /  18.46 EUR )

Prices may vary slightly due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Note: Paypal accept most credit cards as well as other payment option such as Internet bank transfer.
Other methods of payment are available for buyers in Australia, please email for details.

Kintraks for Linux
Kintraks for Linux is free. You may download and install from the downloads page.