Moving Kintraks to a new computer

Backup your files

Backup your old program data and pictures by copying the whole Kintraks folder to a removable drive or disk.

  1. Insert a USB thumbdrive or CD
  2. From the Start menu open your Documents folder
  3. Look for a folder called Kintraks
  4. Right click on the folder and choose Send To >> Removable Drive / CD (The name of the drive you want to use)
For added protection against data loss registered program owners can also make an online backup of their database files (not pictures).
Open each database and from the menu choose Database >> Backup >> To Online Archive
Wait for the process to finish to confirm your upload was successful.

If your data file has been deleted there still may be other copies and backups on your computer, try this -  Search your whole computer


Install the latest version of the program

Go to and download the FREE TRIAL version and install it. This is the latest setup file without a registration key so it runs as a trial version until registered.
If you open the program, don't create any new databases when prompted, just close the program.


Transfer your files

Open your Documents folder from your start menu and copy and paste the Kintraks folder from your removable disk.

Transfer a backup from online: If you have backed up to your online archive you can retrieve a backup copy of your data file from the Internet.
Register your program first (see below) to give you access to your old files, then from the top menu click Database > Restore > From Online Archive to see a list of files you have backed up.
Choose one and click the Restore button.


Register your program

Open the program and see if it is registered. This will only occur automatically if you transferred the Kintraks folder containing the reg file correctly.

If you don't have the reg file from your old computer:
If you purchased from CD run your CD and click the REGISTER button. (see note below if this doesn't work)
If you purchased online download and install your registration key from your original link. If the link doesn't work it probably has expired. Contact me with your choice of Breeder name and I'll upload it again for you.

Note: You may not be able to automatically register a new version of the program automatically using the CD if it was purchased a long time ago (version 3 or earlier).

  1. Right click on your CD icon in My Computer and choose Explore
  2. Open the folder called Registration
  3. Copy the file called reg (right click > Copy)
  4. Open your Documents folder then open the Kintraks folder
  5. Paste the file in the Kintraks folder
  6. Your program will be registered when you restart it